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Choosing A Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
By Sue Bedford RGN
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How can this be so?

In order to produce all this food, compromises have to be made.  The old ways of farming where crops were rotated and fields left fallow to assist soil fertility have now been replaced with intensive farming practices.  Farmers use artificial fertilisers which produce a large yield as fast as possible.  Fruits and vegetables are picked before they are ripe to be transported vast distances.  Animals are intensively reared too, making them grow prematurely with the aid of hormones, then fattening them with grain to produce more meat.  

All this comes at a price - a major reduction of nutrients in our food.

Without these nutrients, the cells in our bodies cannot function or reproduce efficiently, causing damage to vital organs and blood vessels.  Our immune systems weaken, reducing our ability to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, and allowing metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cancer to take hold.

But it’s not just malnutrition that is causing our modern epidemic of chronic disease.  A lack of exercise; being overweight or obese; the stresses of life; environmental exposures  to toxins in our food, water, toiletries and household cleaning products; plus other environmental exposures from electro-magnetic fields and microwave radiation, all take a toll on our health.

Before you say: “Stop the world, I want to get off!”, take a little time to read through this book.  It offers the first steps that you can take to start taking responsibility for your own health in order to avoid the pitfalls of modern life.  

Living a long and healthy life in the 21st century really is achievable, once you understand what choices you need to make.  This starts with implementing a healthier diet and lifestyle.

To download the “Choosing A Healthy Diet and Lifestyle” E-Book, fill in the boxes in the form, below.  When you click on the Submit button, you will be taken directly to the download page.

Fill in the boxes, below, click on the Submit button, and you will be taken directly to the download page
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In the Western world, today, nobody should starve.  Our supermarkets have a plentiful supply of foods of all descriptions from around the world.  We have an amazing assortment of fruits and vegetables all year round, many of which our grandparents’ generation would never have heard of, let alone seen.  Our staple foods such as bread, meat and milk are cheap enough for everyone to afford.  

Yet despite this abundance, we are suffering and dying from diseases caused by MALNUTRITION!
Choosing a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle EBook cover