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Don’t Fight the Healing Process

The more severe the individual’s condition (the more toxic his/her body is ), the stronger will be the healing reaction. Because the healing reaction is caused by the flushing out of toxins from the cells, the strength of the reaction also depends on how carefully the individual is following the recommended programme. The more correctly the programme is followed, the stronger will be the healing reaction.

Why the Old Symptoms Come Back

Often in the course of the healing process old symptoms temporarily reappear. Why should people have to go back through these old problems in the course of getting better?
It is believed that the specific symptoms that a person experiences depend on the various biochemical substances in the body. For example, when a person is perfectly healthy there is a certain ratio between Substance A and Substance B in the tissues. When this gets out of balance to a certain degree, the person may feel fatigue; when the imbalance is greater, a headache may occur; when it is even greater the person may develop insomnia, and so on.
One reason people must re-experience symptoms as they get healthier is that in order to progress from say 100:1 imbalance to a 1:1 balance they have to go back through 98.1, and so forth and as they go through each phase they experience the symptoms associated with that particular level of imbalance.
Biochemist John Eck has pursued a similar line of thought in his research on mineral nutrients. Using hair analysis, Eck has suggested the optimal levels of some of the principal minerals in the body. On the basis of the ratios among these minerals, Eck is able to estimate how efficiently the thyroid and adrenal glands are functioning and hence to predict an individual’s metabolic energy level.
Of course in actuality a person’s symptoms would not depend on the ratio between two substances amongst hundreds of different things. If a person gets stuck at some level, he will get stuck for the symptoms for that level. This helps to explain the basis of the chronic illnesses from which so many people suffer.
Try to picture the healing process as going up a flight of stairs; energy is balanced, all the nutrients are present in their present ratios, and the body is functioning properly. When someone’s health begins to deteriorate, he descends the stairs; at each step along the way he has a specific symptom – perhaps less energy at one step; headaches further down, an ulcer still further and so on.
A hair analysis is available from Pulse Health Screening.  It can detect the amount of toxic metals and minerals in your body through a hair tissue sample.  This is based on sound science and is a simple and non-invasive method, requiring a few strands of hair.  The test costs £50 and can be sent by mail order.

Adapted form an article by therapist, Jimmy Scott Ph.D.
Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be regarded as medical advice.  If you are receiving medical treatment or taking prescribed medication, you are advised to consult your GP or health practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.
Don't Fight the Healing Process
woman with headache
In the course of following a nutritional programme for allergies or other problems, many people experience uncomfortable symptoms. This is known as the healing reaction.

The most common symptom is a temporary energy reduction. They may sleep longer, perhaps as much as 12 hours a night. Some people also report aches and pains, digestive system disturbances such as gas, constipation, diarrhoea or other miscellaneous complaints.

These symptoms may occur because the body is ridding itself of substances that have been making it ill – not only the materials that have built up in their individual cells, interfering with their normal functioning. As these substances are ejected from the tissues, they are dumped into the system, making the body temporarily more toxic until they are secreted. This is partly what produces the symptoms of the healing reaction. This effect is accentuated by the body’s process of tearing apart defective tissue, repairing damaged cells, destroying parasites or infected agents and otherwise producing debris from the reconstruction.