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About Us

Sue Bedford
As a Registered Nurse, I felt compelled to do more research and speak to as many people as I could, especially fellow parents.  

I also chose to do a diploma course in nutrition to have a better understanding of how our dietary choices impact our health.  This is a subject that is barely touched upon in nursing and medical training.

Over the years, my research has helped to develop a passion for health promotion and disease prevention which led me to set up a health screening company called Pulse Health Screening, offering health and wellbeing checks and medical tests .  

I also write articles for magazines and blogs on a variety of health topics and give talks to local groups and companies.

I am currently writing a book on healthy diet and lifestyle.  A short, draft version is available for free as an EBook for a limited time.  It can be downloaded by clicking here.  
It was in 2000 when I first discovered that many of the ingredients used in everyday toiletries had the potential to do harm to health. This discovery was very disturbing, especially when I found those questionable ingredients on the labels of products I was using on my children.   

However, that was just the beginning and I soon discovered much more disturbing information in relation to our diet, lifestyles and our environment.  
About Us