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Electro-Magnetic Fields

It is the sources of manufactured EMFs and microwave radiation that are of concern to health.

Some people are particularly sensitive to EMFs and microwave radiation and they start to feel unwell whenever they are near a mobile phone mast or certain electrical appliances.  Although most of us will not notice any difference when exposed, we are still vulnerable to their potential health risks.  These include depression, low immunity, infertility, leukaemia and a variety of cancers.

In order to minimise your exposure to EMFs and Microwave Radiation, it would be wise to take note of the following suggestions.

Keep at least one metre from the television screen.

Replace old cathode-ray type VDU computer monitors, or televisions, with plasma or LED screens.

Avoid using your laptop on your lap, especially if you are a man, to avoid damage to sperm from the heat as well as the electrical waves.

Move clock radios at least one metre from your pillow.

Never keep an electric blanket turned on when you are in bed.  Unplug it from the wall before going to sleep.

If you have a remote-control TV in your bedroom, unplug it from the wall before going to sleep or purchase an automatic standby plug which shuts off the power supply.

Reduce your use of a mobile phone as much as possible.  Can you use a landline phone or send a text, instead?

DECT cordless phones work in a similar way to mobile phones so minimise your use or replace with a corded phone.

If you have to use a mobile or DECT phone, dial the number and allow the call to connect before bringing the handset to your ear.  The radiation is strongest whilst the call connects.

Keep a base station for a cordless phone as far away from where you work as possible.

Men should not keep their mobile phone in a trouser pocket as the radiation can damage sperm and increase the risk of testicular cancer.

Women and men should not keep their mobile phone in a breast pocket as it can increase the risk of breast cancer in both sexes.

Avoid standing or working near a microwave oven.  If you have a microwave oven at home, throw it out!  It destroys the nutrients in food and the retained radiation can enter your body when eating microwaved food, increasing cancer risk in the digestive tract.

Avoid standing or working near large electrical appliances when they are turned on such as a washing machine, tumble dryer or electric cooker.

Make as little use as possible of handheld hairdryers.  They use high currents to drive the motor and produce heat making them one of the highest sources of EMF exposure

If you have electric power lines or a sub-station near your home, avoid sitting or sleeping in rooms close by - better still - MOVE!

Avoid using a cordless or wireless baby monitor.  Instead use one that works through the mains and keep the plug as far away from where the baby sleeps as possible.

If you have a WiFi router in your home, turn if off at night.  If your close neighbours have WiFi, recommend to them that they do the same, as their signal will penetrate through your walls.  If they need convincing, send them to www.powerwatch.org.uk.  

Instead of using WiFi in your home, purchase a set of Home Plug units which send the internet signal through your mains.  Each computer or laptop is connected through an ethernet cable.
Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be regarded as medical advice.  If you are receiving medical treatment or taking prescribed medication, you are advised to consult your GP or health practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.
Electro Magnetic Fields
mobile phone mast
We have always been surrounded by electro magnetic fields but never to the extent that we are today.

Natural EMFs range from the earth's own magnetic field to waves generated by electric storms, to the body's own essential electrical activity. These natural EMFs are of a very low frequency and are beneficial to health.

Manufactured EMFs, which have higher frequencies, come from sources such as overhead power lines, electrical wiring in buildings, and electric appliances.  

Microwave radiation comes from radio frequencies which are used in wireless technology such as mobile phones and phone masts, DECT cordless phones, WiFi appliances and Bluetooth® equipment. Microwave ovens also emit this type of radiation.